Scrap your remote control!

Revolutionize the way to enter the house: with 1Control SOLO open with your smartphone, in complete safety.

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1Control SOLO

Open gate and garage
with your smartphone

Forget about all your remote controls and use the only remote
you always carry with you: your smartphone.

Incredibly simple

Discover the convenience of using your smartphone to open the gate and garage.
In your car, on your motorbike, on your bike or on foot, your smartphone is always with you!

Do everything from the App.

Download the free app and conveniently manage all your gates or garages.

Download it for free. It is available for Android and iPhone.

Conveniently manage all your gates or garages

Check the battery status directly from the App

Take a picture of your gate or garage to customize your App

Open with a single click

Check all your gates or garages simply and quickly

Access control.

With SOLO PRO you can easily share, revoke and control accesses.

icona Pin

Give access to whoever you want.

And revoke it whenever you want.
Or set an automatic deadline.

Storico accessi

Check who enters.

And who goes out.
You can monitor all accesses made.

The solution that suits your needs.

1Control SOLO


  • Up to 4 gates or garages
  •  Up to 10 users
  • Protected by a 6-digit PIN code
  • No wires to be connected
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1Control SOLO PRO


  • Up to 4 gates or garages
  •  Infinite Users
  • Access control
  • Access records
  • No wires to be connected
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What he says who has already tried us

"Revolutionary! It works perfectly to open my 2 gates and 2 garages. Very comfortable for me, but super comfortable for my son who goes out with his phone and does not have to ring each other all the time." - John

Hundreds of remote controls

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

See the compatible remote controls link icon

And who doesn't have a smartphone?

He can continue to use the old remote control.
1Control SOLO does not change
your gate or garage in any way.