Incredibly simple.

Install the free App.
1Control SOLO copies your remote control.
Put 1Control SOLO near the gate.
Watch the video

Hundreds of remote controls.

Even Rolling Code. No other device offers such broad compatibility.

See the compatible remote controls link icon

Put it near the gate.
Or the garage.

It is resistant to water, freezing temperatures, and heat.
You don't have to worry about a thing.

Do everything from the App.

Download the free app and conveniently manage all your gates or garages.

Download it for free. It is available for Android and iPhone.

Conveniently manage all your gates or garages

Check the battery status directly from the App

Take a picture of your gate or garage to customize your App

Open with a single click

Check all your gates or garages simply and quickly

icona Pin

Give access to whoever you want.

The whole family can use it.
It is safe and protected by a PIN code.

icona Batterie

You can almost forget about it.

The batteries last for up to two years.

And who doesn't have a smartphone?

He can continue to use the old remote control.
1Control SOLO does not change
your gate or garage in any way.